About Your Maternity Session

My specialty is maternity photography. Your session will be personal and memorable. My goal for your maternity session is for it to be relaxed, fun and creative. I would like you to feel beautiful and capture this very special moment for you to always remember.

In order to have a great time together and end up with wonderful results there are some details I would like to share with you upfront. So when the day comes we can make sure we spend the time together relaxed and comfortable.


I would recommend you schedule an appointment six to ten weeks before your due date. During that stage you will have developed a nice belly that we can capture.


Schedule your photo session on a relaxed day and try not to make too many appointments before and after.

Remove anything elasticated to prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin at least 2 hours before the shooting. You may want to think about wearing no bra a few hours before the shoot too.

If you choose to shoot in your house we need one big room with good daylight.

Think about the environment you want to show on the pictures. If you want a nice and clear look on the pictures, set aside any disturbing decorations and keep the room tidy and clean.

Eat a light snack before the shoot.

Choose a light makeup so you feel natural.

Have your hair fixed in a way you want it to appear on the picture.

A unique piece of jewelry is always nice but too much can may be distracting.

Prepare what you would like to wear a day or two before. If you want to have coordinated colors as a couple or family take some time to assemble everything. Make sure the clothes are clean and neat if this is something that is important for you. Remember to bring both dark and light maternity skirts, pants, cardigans and blouses.

Make sure to wear clothing that underlines your pregnancy curves.

Feel free to bring anything that you want to include in the photograph to make it special.


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