The birth of your child. A day of new life and new beginnings. A day that you will never forget. And still, with a lot going on during the process of giving birth there will be a lot of blurry moments the next day, week or year.

I’d love to preserve the astonishing emotions that come together with giving life to a new little human. The support you as a mom will get from your loved ones, the moment you see your baby for the first time – all that and more I want to frame for you so you can look at it again a few days later, share your happiness with family and friends and later maybe with your child as well.

How I work:

I always want to get you in person beforehand so we can see if we have a click. During this conversation we will also discuss what you may or may not want to have captured on pictures. A birth is one of the most intimate experiences in your life and for me it is most important to have a personal connection is very important for me. After this conversation you will let me know if you want me to document your birth for you.

As soon as you feel the first contractions you connect with me so I can be prepared. We will be in contact regularly from that moment on. I will be able to document your birth at a home birth or a hospital birth. During all time I will be in the background as much as possible and concentrate on you and also your needs.

After the birth I will be staying around for another 2-3 hours to capture the first check ups, weighting and feeding as well as for the first moments with mom and dad and siblings. From week 38 I will be reachable for you for 24 hours.

Sometimes things can get quite quick. Although I can usually be with you within one hour it is possible that I will just arrive once the child is already born. In that case I will take pictures from the moment I arrive a just born documentation.

I will only be able to take a limited amount of bookings per month so make sure you contact me on time. Prices are dependent if you are having a natural birth, cesarean section or a planned birth.


Natural Birth

€ 800 Euro incl. Btw.

Planned Birth/ Planned Cesarean

€ 700 Euro incl. Btw.

Just Born Documentation

€ 650 Euro incl. Btw.


  • 60-80 digital pictures, carefully chosen by me & edited in a mix of color and black/white
  • Delivery via Dropbox with a download link
  • Exclusive travel costs ( € 0,49/ km from Almere-Poort) and parking
  • 24 hrs reachable via Phone from week 38, also during bank holiday
  • Payment upfront