Because babies and newborns grow so quickly, it is important to document their young lives at least once a year. I love to capture the beauty, innocence and personalities of toddlers and children. Children have such candid natures, unpredictability and free spirits. I will create that special portrait of your child that you will cherish forever.

Family, newborn, baby and grandparent photo sessions depend on your goals for the shoot. I like to include the entire family, then each parent with the children or child, and then shoot the children together and individually. This can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

Please contact me if you want to book a shooting or have any open questions. Here are some tips for your Family shooting.


€ 195 incl Btw


  • A shoot of 60 – 90 min at location or in your home
  • 10-15 digital pictures, carefully chosen by me & edited in a mix of color and black/white
  • Delivery via Dropbox with a download link
  • Exclusive travel costs ( € 0,49/ km from Almere-Poort) and parking
  • Payment upfront