Capturing new life is candid and intimate. Those first weeks in a newborn’s life are special and to be cherished. You won’t have the time to do newborn photos for long so don’t let the opportunity slip away.  The best time for newborn pictures are in the first two to three weeks after birth. I recommend to shoot within the first couple of weeks in order to truly capture not only the infant but also the family’s bonding with the child.

Family, newborn, baby and grandparent photo sessions depend on your goals for the shoot. I am happy include the entire family, then each parent with the children or child, and then shoot the children together and individually. This can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

Please contact me if you want to book a shooting or have any open questions. Here are some tips for your Family shooting.


€ 195 incl Btw


  • A shoot of 60 – 90 min at location or in your home
  • 10-15 digital pictures, carefully chosen by me & edited in a mix of color and black/white
  • Delivery via Dropbox with a download link
  • Exclusive travel costs ( € 0,49/ km from Almere-Poort)
  • I will bring special items for newborn shoots
  • Payment upfront