Pink Ribbon Month & Meeting Paula

The pink ribbon is an international symbol for breast cancer awareness. Pink ribbons, and the color pink in general, identify the wearer or promoter with the breast cancer band and express moral support for women with breast cancer. The month October is the pink ribbon month to create more awareness.

This month my friend Paula reached out to me, asking if I would be up for a photo shoot with her. She has been diagnosed, fought and beat cancer all within 9 months this year. During all this time she remained incredibly positive and strong and is such an inspiration for everyone around her – including me. So of course I was in.

We met last weekend at her place and had a great time chatting and taking tons of pictures. What a great cause for a portrait shoot. I got so excited that I immediately started editing the pictures once I got home. After I sent her the results I could not wait for her reactions. Luckily she likes them just as much as I do.

Paula, you are truly beautiful. You are a fighter, you are strong and I am so grateful I could celebrate the good news with you after what must have been tough 9 months. I am happy you let me do this and I cannot wait to document the next hair styles.

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