Stichting Still – Hello little boy

It has been getting colder the past weeks and I feel the fresh wind running through my hair and touching my face while I am walking towards you. I realize how I am walking faster as closer as I get to the hospital but not because it is cold but because I am curious to meet you.

I am meeting your mom first. I can tell after the first few moments that she is so loving and cares so much about you. She reads a little poem to me that she just wrote and her words just reach right into my heart. Your dad is still taking care of your bigger brother so I spend some time talking and getting to know your mom a bit better until he arrives.

Once I see you for the first time I can hardly believe how tiny your are. But you are beautifully perfect at the same time. In the little time I spend with you, we all went through all sorts of different emotions together. Once again I realize how special it is for me to witness such a private moment and being able to do something meaningful for someone. This works fulfills me in a way that I can not even start to put in words.

Thank you little man, for letting me meet you and reminding me again of what is important in life.

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