Stichting Still – Hello little boy

I felt restless the whole day. That strange feeling that you need to keep on going even if you are exhausted. The moment I arrived at the train station on my way home we heard about you and I immediately replied and took the next train back to Amsterdam.

I was a bit early and your parents were not ready yet. From the big window in the waiting room on the 8th floor I could see the emergency helicopter land on the roof of the hospital. If you are like most boys, I am sure you would have liked watching that.

Once I get to know your parents we immediately click. The air is much lighter in the room than during most of my past assignments even though I feel the pain and sadness very clearly. Your parents are so appreciative and really interested in me as a person. This makes my work so much easier today.

Your parents brought this very cute blanket for you. They have your name hand-stitched on it. We wrap you in it for a few pictures and it almost looks like you are only sleeping. Your parents tell me how they slept with it the past days so it would have their scent on it for you. That made me gasp and I had to hold in my breath for a second. What a beautiful thought of them.

At the end, I meet your auntie. She looks like she would have loved to do all the fun stuff with you that aunties usually do. Stuff that only aunties do and that drives parents crazy. I am able to wind down on my way home. I’ve got the feeling I did everything I had to do today.

Goodbye little boy, thanks for letting me meet you.

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