Stichting Still – Hello, little girl

I have the most intense week at work when I receive a call and hear about you. I am so exhausted that I feel I would just drop once I stop moving. I also feel that someone has to go and meet you and since everyone else is busy today, I decide to drive to Utrecht and see you.

When I arrive at the hospital I talk to the nurses and they tell me that you already have 2 siblings that are also still-born. My heart aches a little more once I hear about your family’s story but it makes meeting you even more special to me.

Your parents and grandparents welcome me once I step into the room and everyone is so nice and friendly. They ask me what made me want to do this work so I tell them my story. It’sĀ  a welcome distraction for me to have a conversationĀ  with your parents, especially with so much grief in the room.

Thanks for letting me meet you, little one, and showing me that a stressful day or some extra work is not at all something that matters. What matters is that I woke up this morning, happy and full of energy and that I’ve get to do what I love the most – creating memories for someone that will value them forever.


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