Stichting Still – hello little girl

Again, one of those days where I feel exhausted and restless. It’s cold and rainy outside and I see raindrops sliding away from the train window when I make my way to Amsterdam. It makes me want to hide inside, underneath my blanket. But first, I am going to meet you.

I feel more nervous today for some reason and I get a bit dizzy when I enter your room. Your parents are so sweet and welcoming that those feelings fade away within seconds. They show so much unconditional love for you, it’s the most beautiful thing to witness. I hear them whisper when they are talking to you, just the way I always do it. Your are so tiny but for the 3 of us you look just perfect. You are perfect.

When I step out again I just soak up the fresh air and let the rain touch my face. Now it does not feel cold and uncomfortable anymore. Your parents were so grateful that I came along. I am sure they did not realize what they did for me to allow me to create this memories for them. I wish I’d told them.

Thank you, for letting me meet you little one.


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