STICHTING STILL – Hello, little girl

When I got the details to drive to Amsterdam today I was just at the train station, ready to go home after work. I had been carrying my camera with me all week but failed to put the charged battery in my bag. But not today. This morning I remembered and walked back home to get my freshly charged battery. It feels like it was supposed to be me that get’s to meet you today.

I arrive at the hospital and that by now well known feeling crawls up from my stomach to my throat. I am getting a bit nervous but there is something else. I am curious to meet you. Once I enter the room, I get such a warm welcome that for a second I fail to say a word.┬áMy voice always changes once I enter a room. It get’s quieter and more calm. You might think this is to calm down your parents, but really – it’s more to ground me.

As I usually do, I explain to your parents what I will be doing and start to get to know them a little better. They tell me about your three sisters. I can see and feel how sad your parents are but the love for you fills the room with so much light. I not only see all the emotions, I feel them, like I always do.

After I spent what feels like a short moment with all of you it is time for me to leave. The air I breath in once I am outside is fresh and clean. I take a deep breath to fill my lungs and start my journey home. It is a beautiful sunny, late afternoon and the sun slowly hides behind a few clouds.

Goodbye, little girl. Thanks for letting me meet you.


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