Stichting Still – Meeting the two of you

The whole morning has been grey and rainy, just a typical autumn day. Shortly after lunch we all got to hear about you and I agreed to go to Amsterdam after work to capture some beautiful moments together with you. Once I leave the office the rain stops and I walk to the station. Walking always helps me to clear my mind and today I needed that. I have never photographed twins before and I feel like I need a bit more energy to meet the both of you.

During my travel to Amsterdam the sky slowly breaks up and I can feel the warm, autumn sun on my face. Just as if you want to make it easier for me. I meet your parents first and they tell me what memories they would like me to create. Then I meet you. I get to spent some time alone with you and for the first time since I am doing this work I am allowed to hold you both myself. Holding each of you beautiful angels takes my breath away and makes me speechless. I am sure I won’t forget that moment for a very long time. I talk to you, telling you what I am doing and how beautiful I think you are. It just feels right to break the silence in the room with my words. Time flies by and I find myself spending more time with you as I would usually do.

It feels kind of strange to leave but knowing you are together, brother and sister, makes leaving so much easier. The sky is clear blue with only a few soft pink clouds when I leave. The colors remind me of you two.

Good bye, little angels. Thanks for letting me meet you.


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