Stichting Still

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I wanted it to have deeper meaning, to serve a greater purpose. I hoped that the pictures I take could mean something special to someone other than just me. I wanted my photos to capture the raw and genuine emotions in others and create long-lasting memories.

This past summer, I searched for a volunteer position in which I could further practice my photography skills while also giving back to others at the same time. By chance, I found the most wonderful and heart-touching purpose possible, Stichting Still.

Stichting Still is an organization that sponsors photo sessions for the families of still-born babies. It fills my heart to realize that I am creating life-long and often the only memories a family will have of their child. It’s bittersweet each time I receive a new assignment and have to meet another family dealing with such a loss. While there’s nothing that can ever replace their child, I do hope that my photos can make a small difference and keep their little one alive in their hearts and eyes forever.